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List of Honorees beginning with the letter "R"

  • Pearlie S. Reed

    Pearlie S. Reed was born on June 14, 1948 in Heth, Arkansas. Reed graduated from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a degree in Animal Husbandry and received a Master’s of Public Administration degree from the American University, Washington, D.C. Pearlie Reed was sworn in as the Assistant Secretary for Administration in the (more)

  • Bass Reeves

    Bass Reeves was one of the first African-American Deputy U.S. Marshals west of the Mississippi River. Born into slavery in 1838, he escaped from his owner during the Civil War and found refuge in Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma.) The Native Americans often took in African Americans, because they considered them to be as mistreated (more)

  • Michelle Revere
    Michelle Revere

    Fashion and Home Designer, Michelle Revere, a native of Little Rock, Arkansas has been embracing the finest European and American Designs for over thirty years. Early on in Michelle’s life she found her love for fashion and began a very promising career as a couture buyer for several great specialty stores in Little Rock. As (more)

  • Dr. Emma Rhodes

    One of 16 children, a high school dropout, married and at age 16 a mother of the first of six children, Dr. Emma Rhodes broke the cycle of becoming a victim. At the age of 24, Dr. Rhodes worked to obtain her GED while still caring for a growing family. She then attended a commercial (more)

  • J. Donald Rice

    J. Donald Rice is president and chief executive officer of Rice Financial Products Company in New York. The founder of the only minority-owned derivatives firm in the nation traces his roots back to the Natural State “to the age of four, precisely” when his father, Rev. J. Donald Rice, Sr., moved his family to Hot (more)

  • Andrea Layton Roaf

    Having first distinguished herself as a respected biologist, Andree Layton Roaf of Pine Bluff has truly proven her mettle with a trailblazing law career which culminated in her being the second woman, and the first African-American woman-to sit on the Arkansas Supreme Court. A 1958 graduate of Muskegon heights High School in Muskegon Heights, Michigan (more)

  • Willie Layton Roaf

    Willie Roaf, born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on April 18, 1970 to dentist Clifton Roaf and Attorney Andree Layton Roaf, was picked in the first round of the 1993 NFL draft by the New Orleans Saints. Roaf spent 13 years in the NFL, the first nine with the Saints and the last four with the (more)

  • Roy Roberts

    It is said that business and pleasure shouldn (more)

  • Fatima Robinson

    World Renowned Dancer and Choreographer As a critically acclaimed dancer, choreographer and director, Fatima Robinson is the woman behind the moves for some of today’s top music artists including OutKast, the Black Eyed Peas, Will Smith, Mary J. Blige and the late Aaliyah. Her eclectic, fluid, urban style has made her one of the hottest (more)

  • Bobby Rush

    Born Emmit Ellis, Jr. in Homer, Louisiana, Rush was the son of Ellis Sr. and Mattie Ellis. His father was a pastor whose guitar and harmonica playing provided early musical influences. As a young child he began experimenting with music using a sugarcane syrup bucket and a broom-wire “diddley-bow.” Around 1946, he and the family (more)

  • Eddie Reed
    Eddie Reed, M.D.

    Born in Heth, Arkansas, Dr. Eddie Reed was the tenth of eighteen children in his family. He graduated from Hughes High School in 1971, then earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1975. Dr. Reed went on to attend Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, where he (more)