1996 Induction Ceremony

  • Andrea Layton Roaf

    Having first distinguished herself as a respected biologist, Andree Layton Roaf of Pine Bluff has truly proven her mettle with a trailblazing law career which culminated in her being the second woman, and the first African-American woman-to sit on the Arkansas Supreme Court. A 1958 graduate of Muskegon heights High School in Muskegon Heights, Michigan (more)

  • Dr. Groover Evans

    Dr. Grover Evans has distinguished himself as one of those whose indomitable spirit refused to let disability stand in his way of his quest for personal excellence; both in the athletic realm and in the area of serving his fellow man. Born and raised in Jonesboro, the Arkansas State University and LaSalle University graduate became (more)

  • Dr. Lawrence A. Davis

    The life of Dr. Lawrence A. Davis is one of dedication, dedication to academic excellence; dedication to shaping the young minds of African-American youth. A dedication lovingly passed on to the next generation of the Davis family. A native of McCrory, Davis graduated from Arkansas AM & N College at Pine Bluff and served as (more)

  • Herwald H Morton

    The name Herwald H. Morton will always be a beacon in the annals of the history of the U.S. Information Agency. At the time of his retirement from the agency in 1993, Morton had reached the personal rank of career minister ” the highest career rank in the Foreign Service.” A 1948 graduate of Little (more)

  • O. C. Smith

    The life of O. C. Smith, according to one biography, ‘has had the flow and tempo of a hit song that finds its audience and never lets go.” His million-seller song “Little Green Apples” won a Grammy nomination. Smith also is known for the hits “Hickory Holler’s Tramp” and “Daddy;’s Little Man,” and is remembered (more)

  • Scipio A Jones

    s a lawyer committed to helping blacks in the courtroom and in the post-Reconstruction political arena, the late Scipio Africanus Jones helped blaze the trail of Arkansas history. Born into a slave family about 1863, Jones at an early age joined the household of Horace Jones in Tulip (Dallas County). In 1881, the teenage Scipio (more)