1997 Induction Ceremony

  • Barbara Higgins Bond

    At the age of 12, Barbara Higgins Bond began painting and drawing as a hobby. Today, her work for the U.S. Postal Service and corporate clients has earned her a national reputation as an illustrator and commercial artist. Born and raised in Little Rock, Bond decided her career after taking an elective art course at (more)

  • Dr. Lloyd Elam

    Dr. Lloyd Elam, longtime president of Meharry Medical College in Nashville, has made an indelible and much-welcome mark on the field of mental health as well as the education of the nation’s finest block physicians. Born Oct. 27, 1928 in Little Rock, Elam earned a bachelor of science degree at Roosevelt University at Chicago in (more)

  • Dr. Samuel Lee Kountz

    The medical profession will be forever enhanced by the contributions of the late Dr. Samuel Lee Kountz. During his lifetime, the internationally reknown pioneer of organ transplant surgery performed, 500 kidney transplants.. An article in the Arkansas Biography Newsletter specifically lauds Kountz as being responsible for discovery of the effectiveness of methyl prednisolone in reversing (more)

  • Gretha Boston

    Gretha Boston’s fame lies in her voice, which has earned her a Tony Award for her role as Queenie in the popular revival of Showboat, as well as many words of praise from New York critics. The mezzo-soprano was born in Crossett, Arkansas, the oldest of seven children. Her first singing experience came at the (more)

  • Keith Jackson

    Retired NFL tight end Keith Jerome Jackson has been referred to as “one of the National Football League’s most productive tight ends over the past decade.” His career culminated with his helping the Green Bay Packers sweep to a club-record 16 victories and the Super Bowl XXXI Championship in 1996. Born in Little Rock, Jackson (more)

  • Rodney Slater

    From the humble town of Marianna, Arkansas ” said to be one of the poorest areas in America ” rose a man who “dared to dream.” Rodney B. Slater’s dreams have taken him all the way from that humble town to Washington, D.C., where he now serves as the Secretary of Transportation. He is only (more)