2000 Induction Ceremony

  • Dr. Wilbert C Jordan

    Dr. Wilbert C. Jordan has proven himself to be a fighter, especially when it comes to one of the most devastating diseases in the latter part of the 20th Century: Aids. He is one of the leading authorities on AIDS prevention and treatment. A Los Angeles native and the youngest of 17 children, Jordan graduated (more)

  • Floyd Brown

    The late Floyd Brown was a strong believer in providing a good education to those for whom education was as a premium. That strong belief led him to establish one of the few private nondenominational schools for Black children ever established in this region of the United States. Brown was one of 10 children of (more)

  • Lela Rochon Fuqua

    Lela Rochon Fuqua With numerous critically acclaimed performances under her belt, Lela Rochon Fuqua has emerged as one of Hollywood (more)

  • E. Lynn Harris

    E. Lynn Harris was born in Flint, Michigan and raised along with three sisters in Little rock, Arkansas. He attended the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville where he was the school (more)

  • Theressa Hoover

    Revered in Methodist church circles, Theressa Hoover’s work continues to have positive outreach and impact in the United Methodist Church and the ecumenical world. A Fayetteville native, Mrs. Hover graduated from Philander Smith College in 1946 with a B.A. Degree in Business Administration. (more)

  • Roy Roberts

    It is said that business and pleasure shouldn (more)