2014 Induction Ceremony

  • Bass Reeves

    Bass Reeves was one of the first African-American Deputy U.S. Marshals west of the Mississippi River. Born into slavery in 1838, he escaped from his owner during the Civil War and found refuge in Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma.) The Native Americans often took in African Americans, because they considered them to be as mistreated (more)

  • Bobby Rush

    Born Emmit Ellis, Jr. in Homer, Louisiana, Rush was the son of Ellis Sr. and Mattie Ellis. His father was a pastor whose guitar and harmonica playing provided early musical influences. As a young child he began experimenting with music using a sugarcane syrup bucket and a broom-wire “diddley-bow.” Around 1946, he and the family (more)

  • Colette D. Honorable

    Colette D. Honorable was reappointed to a six-year term and designated Chairman of the Arkansas Public Service Commission by Governor Mike Beebe in January 2011. She was appointed to the Arkansas Public Service Commission by Governor Beebe in October 2007, and designated interim Chairman from January through August 2008. Chairman Honorable previously served as Executive (more)

  • Dr. Vertie L. Carter

    Vertie L. Carter, historical trailblazer, was born in abject poverty October 19, 1923, in a two-room shack on a white man’s plantation. She walked five miles to the Negro one-room school, studied used books from the white school, lost her eyesight for a year at the age of nine, and raised pigs to graduate from (more)

  • Judge Olly Neal

    Judge Olly Neal was born in the New Hope Community of Lee County on a small family farm. He attended segregated Lee County Public Schools, graduating from Moton High School in 1958. Following high school graduation, Judge Neal attended LeMoyne College for 2 ½ years during which time he was actively involved in challenging segregation (more)

  • Rickey L. Jasper

    Rickey Jasper went from simple beginnings to one of the highest-ranking officials in the Central Intelligence Agency. Born on July 28, 1963, in Parkdale, Arkansas, Jasper has never found himself lacking in ability against high-caliber competition. According to those close to him, he has always been on a mission. He earned a Bachelor of Science (more)