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The ABHOF Foundation seeks to further the impact of the annual induction ceremony by providing an environment in which a future generation of African-American achievers with Arkansas roots will thrive and succeed.

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Our Mission

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We’ve provided support to nonprofit organizations across the state for 15 years. Learn more about our grants program that has improved the lives of over 200,000 Arkansans.

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Shop our 25th Anniversary Commemorative Book, Seeds of Genius: Twenty-Five Years of the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame, and other merchandise to support our mission.

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Inductee Spotlight

We honor the legacy of accomplished African Americans with Arkansas roots. Our inductees have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields of endeavor and we are proud to acknowledge them with induction into the Arkansas Black of Fame. Here are this year’s honorees.

  • Senator Irma Hunter Brown
  • Mr. Wallace “Wali” Caradine
  • Mr. John Donley
  • Coach Ed Johnson
  • Ms. Kristin Lewis
  • Mr. Roscoe Robinson
  • Senator Irma Hunter Brown

    Trailblazing Legislative Leader

    Class of 2019

    Photo of Brown
  • Mr. Wallace “Wali” Caradine

    Pioneering Architect, Contractor & Business Leader

    Class of 2019

    Photo of Caradine
  • Mr. John Donley

    Award-winning Screenwriter and Television Producer

    Class of 2019

    Photo of Donley
  • Coach Ed Johnson

    Legendary Little League Football Coach and Youth Mentor

    Class of 2019

    Photo of Johnson
  • Ms. Kristin Lewis

    Internationally Renowned Opera Star

    Class of 2019

    Photo of Lewis
  • Mr. Roscoe Robinson

    Iconic Gospel/R&B Singer and Recording Artist

    Class of 2019

    Photo of Robinson


Arkansas has been called home by men and women representing the best and brightest in their fields. Extend the legacy of an Arkansan who has lived a life committed to excellence. Nominate them to become a part of our next group of inductees into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame! Click below for more information on the nomination process.

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$1 million in community investments

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Your donations and sponsorships have allowed us to make a sizable impact across the state of Arkansas.

240 community organizations impacted through grant awards

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Your generosity has supported our mission to award grants to nonprofit organizations with interests in African-American and other underserved communities.

62counties impacted thus far

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Your support has helped the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Foundation make a difference in the lives of more than 200,000 Arkansans.

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Our Commitment to Equality and Justice

While cities across the globe are shattered by a coronavirus pandemic reeling from more than 400,000 COVID-19-related deaths, a second even more troubling pandemic is illuminated. Rooted in slavery's legacy of hatred, racism, discrimination, and segregation, racial injustice continues. Thanks to mobile technology, the world watched as yet another black man was killed senselessly and illegally by out-of-control law enforcement. The murder of George Floyd has shaken most ethnic groups, compelling tens of thousands of protesters across the globe to ask, "Will I or my black or brown son, friend, spouse, or neighbor be next?"

American History did not end with WWII. Our nation's deadliest fight was a fierce domestic battle over the enslavement and the unconscionable mistreatment of Blacks. Claiming the lives of an estimated 750,000 people, the Civil War ended bitterly in white rage and contrived "Jim Crow" laws enacted to continue to mistreat and extract the same "free" black services that slavery provided.

Spawned by Dr. Martin Luther King's legendary peaceful marches for justice in the 1960s, Black Americans pushed back. In the 1970s, during the decade's long Civil Rights Movement, Blacks pushed back again, and at each benchmark in our nation's history, Black voices cried out for equality.

Our nation's leadership has failed us by glorifying the majority culture while having a blatant disregard for history. Now, history is repeating itself.

Years ago, our white friends asked why a Black Hall of Fame was necessary. Today, most understand that every culture has both a right and a responsibility to celebrate those among them who have succeeded against the odds. And so, we celebrate the legacy of bold, brave, Black Americans who, from various walks of life and through their enduring persistence, broke through color barriers and shared with the world their extraordinary talent. We recognize their phenomenal achievements in music, dance, literature, government, civic leadership, and so on. This was our founding principle 28 years ago— to help correct such irreverent historical omissions.

Deeply embedded in our mission are education, economic development, health, and wellness — all of which are under attack when you combine the two pandemics —COVID-19 and racism. As such, we cannot be silent on the massive uprising across the globe in support of these same values. We stand firm on our belief that change is long overdue and that this senseless, illegal killing must stop!

We pay homage to Black lives taken unjustly—including Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Amadou Diallo, Manuel Loggins, Jr., Ronald Madison, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Freddie Gray, Jr., Sandra Bland, Antronie Scott, Philando Castile, Laquan McDonald, Korryn Gaines, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Oscar Grant, Javier Ambler, Botham Jean and George Floyd.

We amplify the nation's demand for a fairer share of federal, local and private dollars to support economic development and social services by reaffirming our support for equal, social, and economic justice, and for the changes necessary to ensure that America's creed matches its practices.

We reaffirm our commitment to continue to invest in Black and other under-served communities throughout Arkansas. We pray that our honorees, volunteers, participants, and all stakeholders and friends will join us as we continue to lift up phenomenal Black pioneers who help build our great country and make it a better place for us all.

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