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List of Honorees beginning with the letter "J"

  • Joseph “Joe” Jackson

    Fountain Hill, Arkansas is a small town northeast of El Dorado. According to the 2010 census, signs located at the town’s border would read “Fountain Hill: Population 68.” But this small town is home to one of music’s biggest personalities.  Joseph “Joe” Walter Jackson was born in Fountain Hill on July 26, 1929. He is (more)

  • Keith Jackson

    Retired NFL tight end Keith Jerome Jackson has been referred to as “one of the National Football League’s most productive tight ends over the past decade.” His career culminated with his helping the Green Bay Packers sweep to a club-record 16 victories and the Super Bowl XXXI Championship in 1996. Born in Little Rock, Jackson (more)

  • Rickey L. Jasper

    Rickey Jasper went from simple beginnings to one of the highest-ranking officials in the Central Intelligence Agency. Born on July 28, 1963, in Parkdale, Arkansas, Jasper has never found himself lacking in ability against high-caliber competition. According to those close to him, he has always been on a mission. He earned a Bachelor of Science (more)

  • Gertrude Hadley Jeannett

    Gertrude Hadley Jeannette’s life has unfolded in such a way that it possesses a theatrical quality of its own. Her life story could play like some of the productions and movies in which she’s performed. Hers would be the tale of the spunky heroine who triumphs over adversity and makes it in the big city (more)

  • Honorable Glenn T. Johnson

    Justice Glenn T. Johnson was born in Washington, Arkansas, July 19, 1917. He attended elementary and high school in Washington, Hope and Hot Springs, Arkansas. Justice Johnson earned the degrees of Bachelor of Science in education from Wilberforce University, Xenia, Ohio and Juries Doctor and Master of Laws from the John Marshall Law School of (more)

  • John H. Johnson Photo
    John H. Johnson

    Born in Arkansas City, Arkansas, January 19, 1918, John H. Johnson is best known as a publisher, businessman and humanitarian. Mr. Johnson and his wife, Eunice, make their home in Chicago and occasionally reside in Palm Springs, California. They have one child, Linda Johnson Rice. Mr. Johnson graduated with honors from DuSable High School and (more)

  • Brig. General William Johnson High Ranking Military Leader

    Brigadier General William J. Johnson, a native son of Arkansas, has served in the Arkansas National Guard for more than 30 years. On January 1, 2008, Brigadier General William Johnson assumed duties as Deputy Adjutant General, Arkansas National Guard. As the Deputy Adjutant General, he serves as the full-time chief advisor and principal assistant to (more)

  • Dr. Edith Irby Jones

    Attending integrated classes, but dining in a segregated area of the campus cafeteria, Dr. Edith Irby Jones, in 1952, became the first African-American to graduate from the College of Medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. In fact, she was the first black admitted to a white medical school, south of the Mason-Dixon (more)

  • Scipio A Jones

    s a lawyer committed to helping blacks in the courtroom and in the post-Reconstruction political arena, the late Scipio Africanus Jones helped blaze the trail of Arkansas history. Born into a slave family about 1863, Jones at an early age joined the household of Horace Jones in Tulip (Dallas County). In 1881, the teenage Scipio (more)

  • Louis Thomas Jordan

    Louis Thomas Jordan was born on July 8, 1908 in Brinkley, Arkansas. The son of a musician, he learned to play the saxophone as a youth and majored in music later at the Arkansas Baptist College. He also toured with the famed Rabbit Foot Minstrels, who were the backing musicians for a number of blues (more)

  • Dr. Wilbert C Jordan

    Dr. Wilbert C. Jordan has proven himself to be a fighter, especially when it comes to one of the most devastating diseases in the latter part of the 20th Century: Aids. He is one of the leading authorities on AIDS prevention and treatment. A Los Angeles native and the youngest of 17 children, Jordan graduated (more)

  • Ernest P Joshua Photo
    Ernest P Joshua

    Mr. Ernest P. Joshua, Sr. is the founder and CEO of J. M. Products, Inc. (J.M.), based in Little Rock, AR. J.M. Products, Inc. is the manufacturer of ISOPLUS, ISOPLUS for KIDS, ISOPLUS Healthy Solutions Plus, UpTurn, Oil of K and Black Magic brand products The Company is one of the largest manufacturers. of ethnic (more)