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The Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was the vision of Charles Stewart and Patricia Goodwin. Since 2004 we have worked closely with the Arkansas Community Foundation to ensure continued support of nonprofit organizations across the state that share our mission. Our grants program has awarded over $500,000 to organizations with interests in education, youth development, health/wellness and economic development. Since our inception, we have affected more than 60 counties and we hope to expand our impact to all 75.

Our History Headline
  • September 1992

    Charles Stewart and Patricia Goodwin established the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame as a benefit for the Arkansas Regional Minority Business Development Council

  • October 1993

    First annual induction ceremony held in the Exhibit Hall of Robinson Auditorium

  • February 1997

    ABHOF Portrait Gallery established in Rotunda of the Statehouse Convention Center

  • September 2002

    Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Foundation is established and becomes a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

  • October 2002

    10th Anniversary of the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony; President Bill Clinton becomes the first and only Caucasian to be inducted; Hall of Fame gained international status

  • June 2004

    ABHOF awards its first grants to nonprofit organizations in Arkansas

  • February 2010

    First annual Distinguished Laureate Series

  • June 2011

    ABHOF becomes the only hall of fame recognized in the Statehouse Convention Center

  • June 2012

    ABHOF receives the ACHANGE Founders Award

  • October 2017

    25th Anniversary of the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame


Our mission is to support nonprofit organizations with interest in African-American and other underserved communities. In partnership with the Arkansas Community Foundation, we award grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to these organizations to help them provide resources to the communities they serve. Our program has affected more than 60 Arkansas counties and serviced more than 200,000 Arkansans.

For more information about our efforts and our impact, visit our Grants page.

Induction Ceremony

Since 1992, we have inducted over 150 Arkansans into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame for their accomplishments in their chosen fields. Our honorees have made tremendous contributions to African-American culture, the state of Arkansas, and the nation. Learn more about them in our Honorees section.

Our induction ceremony, held every year in October, is our primary fundraiser. The funds acquired through ticket sales and sponsorships are used to fund our grants program.

Laureate Series

Since 2010, we have featured inductees in our Distinguished Laureate Lecture Series. They host lectures, workshops, seminars receptions or concerts that allow them to engage with Arkansans and expose their talents and accomplishments. Distinguished Laureate Series events are held each February in relation to Black History Month.

Click here to view our 2020 Distinguished Laureate Lecture featuring the Honorable Judge Olly Neal, Jr.

Click here to view our 2021 Distinguished Laureate Lecture featuring award-winning screenwriter, John Donley.

Here is our complete list of Distinguished Laureates.

a few of our distinguished laureates

Committee Members

Our committee is made up of volunteers who work hard to uphold our mission. Click here if you would like to get involved.

  • Charles StewartCharles StewartChairman
  • Sylvia SmithSylvia SmithLogistics/Corporate Sales
  • Paula PattersonPaula PattersonSpecial Projects/Grants
  • Myron JacksonMyron JacksonPublic Relations/Event Publications
  • Ventrell ThompsonVentrell ThompsonFinance
  • Gemessia HudsonGemessia HudsonLogistics
  • Kimara MayberryKimara MayberryHospitality/ Honoree Relations
  • Cynthia LovelaceCynthia LovelaceCo-Chair Host/Hostess Coordinator
  • Danyell Cummings, Ed.D.Danyell Cummings, Ed.D.Distinguished Laureate Series / Volunteer Committee
  • Shanda MaconShanda MaconTicket Sales Coordinator
  • Shanita ChristianShanita ChristianFinance
  • Sonya Baughn JohnsonSonya Baughn JohnsonArchivist
  • John BangertJohn BangertCommittee Member
  • Jeanette ShackJeanette ShackAdministrative Support
  • Alia MooreAlia MooreSocial Media
  • Ronda LewisRonda LewisLogistics
  • Rory HillRory HillProject Manager
  • Apryl JacksonApryl JacksonProduction
  • Cassandra TuckerCassandra TuckerMuseum Exhibit Coordinator

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